Fr. Geary’s Bulletin Article-11-13-22

Dear Parishioners of St. James:

            Praised be Jesus Christ!

            The name of the Lord should evoke fear, awe, and reverence. God is most holy and “dwells in unapproachable light” (1 Tim. 6:16).  But, He has made His name known to men for the sake of their salvation. “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Rom. 10:13). 

            The name of the Lord represents God Himself. Our lives must be given to the One Who secures our salvation. By invoking the Lord’s name, we acknowledge His sovereign power over our souls and entrust ourselves to His protection. We attribute His goodness and His grace to our actions as Christians. We also act as His ambassadors calling everyone to repentance and trust in the good God Who comes not to condemn but to save.  

            Those who fear the name of the Lord confidently hope that one day all evil will be wiped away and healing will commence (cf. Mal. 3:20). Perseverance in the Christian life, in spite of persecution, brings assurance of eternal salvation. May His name be our refuge and our strength in the midst of the coming consummation of the world.

God bless you,

Fr. Geary 

Published by St. James, Belvidere

Saint James Catholic Church, Belvidere, IL