Light of the World

“My husband and I attended the most recent Light of the World Retreat here at St. James. I have to say, we were extremely happy that we took time out of our busy lives to refresh our minds and souls to learn more about our Catholic faith. The retreat experience helped us to reflect on our lives and energized our spirits. We would encourage everyone to attend this retreat.”  Tony and Jennifer P. 

What is Light of the World?
The Light of the World retreat is a Parish-based retreat process for confirmed Catholics from St. James – Belvidere who are  seeking to experience a deeper relationship with our Lord through an encounter with the Holy Spirit.  The sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation are renewed and retreatants are invited to experience a deeper conversion of heart through hearing anew the good news of Jesus Christ from the hearts of fellow parishioners who have already attended the retreat! Come and see what the Lord wants to renew within you! 

Will I really get anything out of this retreat
“I could hear and feel the Holy Spirit. What a great feeling! I loved this retreat and would highly recommend it to all parishioners.” Sharon W.