Fr. Geary’s Letter, 9-18-22

Dear Parishioners of St. James:

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Material possessions should only be used to serve our eternal salvation.  For example, a cell phone should be used to communicate the Word of God, to speak with charity to others and to guide you in travel.  We misuse the cell phone when we use it to commit sin.  Money, likewise, is meant to support the Church, pay for you and your children’s needs and to help the poor.  Money is not meant to be accumulated to be spent on one’s luxurious lifestyle when others are in need.  

How do you use material possessions?  We are only stewards of the goods that belong to God.  Do we find ways to use God’s property in order to do evil?  Are we using God’s goods to enrich ourselves at the expense of the poor and the needy?  There is nothing wrong with growing wealth as long as it is used to advance one’s own salvation and the salvation of others. What we do with what God has given us makes all the difference. 

When the Lord audits our use of His goods at our particular judgment what will He discover?  Did we serve Him or ourselves?  Did we use them to help others toward salvation or just to selfishly enjoy the world’s pleasures? The Lords’ audit will reveal whether we served Him or whether we squandered His property.

God bless you,

Fr. Geary

Published by St. James, Belvidere

Saint James Catholic Church, Belvidere, IL