Fr. Geary’s Letter, 8-21-22

Dear Parishioners of St. James:

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Our church bell is back! Thanks to all of you who contributed to the repair/restoration of our beloved church bell, Saint Patrick. Yes, the bell has a name chosen by Fr. Patrick McGuire in 1909 when it was solemnly blessed and exorcised. Being a sacramental, whenever the bell rings it brings grace to those who hear it with faith. Our bell actually can sanctify our entire neighborhood as it calls to mind sacred mysteries.

The bell will ring five minutes before every Sunday Holy Mass, calling everyone to join in the saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the altar. It will also call us to pray the Angelus at noon and 6:00 p.m. daily, recalling the Incarnation of the Son of God in the Blessed Virgin Mary’s womb. The bell will toll as mourners accompany the body to the funeral Mass and afterward to the cemetery for burial. It will mourn the death of popes, welcome newly Married couples and peal on high feast days echoing the joyful hearts of believers.

May the holy sound of Saint Patrick in our bell tower inspire all of you to greater faith in Jesus Christ, the Angels and the Saints, the holy Catholic Church, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, reminding us that our ears are much more reliable than our eyes when it comes to faith.  

God bless you,

Fr. Geary

Published by St. James, Belvidere

Saint James Catholic Church, Belvidere, IL