Fr. Geary’s Letter, 11-14-2021

Dear Parishioners of St. James:

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead. All people on the face of the earth will experience it. His second coming will happen on a certain day known only to God. He will manifest the intentions and actions of every single person, and He will pass judgment on us: salvation or damnation. Each and every thought, word, action and omission will be judged by Jesus. Are you ready to stand before the    Son of Man and be judged?

The Christian should be aware that the Lord could return at any time. There is certainly enough reason for the Lord to come back today given the wickedness that pervades our world. But do people live and act as if they could be judged today as worthy of salvation or damnation? The dogma of Christ’s second coming is baked into revelation. Have we    forgotten this essential ingredient? If we have neglected the 

fact that God is returning to earth bodily in order to bring divine justice, then the result for us will be disastrous. Now is the time to repent and be reconciled to God. Very soon it might be too late.

God bless you,

Fr. Geary

Published by St. James, Belvidere

Saint James Catholic Church, Belvidere, IL