Fr. Geary’s Letter, 5-16-2021

Dear Parishioners of St. James:

Praised be Jesus Christ!

In this year dedicated to St. Joseph (and in this month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary) we give thanks to God for the love of St. Joseph for his most holy wife.We should meditate on how grateful and humbled St. Joseph must have been to have been chosen by God to be the husband of Mary. Their marriage continues to be the model for all Christians called to the married state.

St. Joseph loved Mary for who she was while on earth and still loves her in heaven in the same way. St. Joseph’s chaste love for his wife teaches all husbands to revere the person of their wife. He was pure, respectful, protective and reverent toward the Blessed Virgin Mary. He saw himself as her servant. He considered her greater than him in all humility. He knew he was fulfilling God’s saving plans by his faithful care toward his wife.

Husbands: Imitate St. Joseph! See yourselves as God sees you. Love your wives as Christ loves His Church (cf. Eph 5:25). Be ready to offer your life for the divine mission of your family. With St. Joseph as your guide and model never forget your irreplaceable role in God’s plan of salvation as a husband to your wife.

God bless you,

Fr. Geary

Published by St. James, Belvidere

Saint James Catholic Church, Belvidere, IL