Deacon Jim Olson’s Reflection-7-13-20

389 7-13-20 15th WOT Mt 10:34-11:1

God Must Take First Place In Our Lives

Jesus told his disciples that if they followed him it would be costly because they must put God’s kingdom first and obey his word.  Whenever a great call is given it inevitably causes division between those who accept and reject it.                                                       

When Jesus remarked that division would cut remarkably close to home his listeners likely recalled the prophecy of Micah: a man’s enemies are the men of his own household (Micah 7:6).                              
The love of God compels us to choose who will be first in our lives. To place any relationship or any other thing above God is a form of idolatry. Jesus challenges his disciples to examine who they love first and foremost. A true disciple loves God above all else and is willing to forsake all for Jesus Christ. Jesus insists that his disciples give him the loyalty, which is only due to God, a loyalty which is higher than that owed to spouse or kin. It is possible that family and friends can become our enemies if the thought of them keeps us from doing what we know God wants us to do.

The just reward
True love for God compels us to express charity towards our neighbor who is created in the image and likeness of God.                                                                             

Jesus declared that any kindness shown, and any help given to the people of Christ will not go unrewarded.                                                                                         

Jesus never refused to give to anyone in need who asked for his help. As his disciples we are called to be kind and generous as he is.     Jesus sets before his disciples the one goal in life that is worth any sacrifice and that goal is the will of God which leads to everlasting life, peace, and joy with God. Does the love of Jesus Christ compel you to put God first in all you do?

Lord, no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has conceived the things you have prepared for those who love you.                                                                            

Set us ablaze with the fire of the Holy Spirit, that we may love you in and above all things and so receive the rewards you have promised us through Christ our Lord.                                              

(From A Christian’s Prayer Book)

Published by St. James, Belvidere

Saint James Catholic Church, Belvidere, IL