The Summer has once again come and gone and it is now time to prepare the St. James Cemetery for Winter. Cleaning up the graves at the cemetery in the Fall will make it a lot easier once next Spring arrives. Please take some time to clean up your family members’ graves in the cemetery. Maybe you could even help with other graves that may not have anyone who helps to take of them. Why not pray for the souls in our cemetery by saying the Rosary while cleaning up? A wonderful way to complete a Corporal Work of Mercy, especially for the souls who have no one to pray for them!

We welcome anyone who would like to volunteer some time to help clean up litter and take old/broken decorations off of the graves, or pull weeds around the monument in the Resurrection Section of the cemetery. We welcome any and all help. As a reminder, NO GLASS ITEMS are allowed at any time at the cemetery and must be removed.

Glass, plastic, or resin items can be very hazardous for those mowing and weed whacking around the graves, so please take precautions when placing these items (no glass items at all, please). If you see any broken items lying around the cemetery, please feel free to dispose of them. Items can be placed in the garbage area behind the cemetery shed. Please stop by the parish office if waste bags are needed to collect items. We have some faithful volunteers who regularly are at the cemetery helping to keep it clean and safe for all who visit. We pay to have the cemetery mowed and weed whacked but that is all. If we could all pitch in a little bit of help, it would make the job much easier to handle! We appreciate any and all help you are able to offer!

Thank you for helping to keep our cemetery clean and safe!

Published by St. James, Belvidere

Saint James Catholic Church, Belvidere, IL