Important Pro-Life Message

Please read to see how you can make a difference: 

As you know, a group of abortionists from Madison & Milwaukee have purchased two buildings in the city of Rockford to be used as abortion clinics. They are being led by the same abortionist who is the former owner of the now closed Rockford abortion clinic that made  national news because of the unsanitary and dangerous inside and the  displays of anti-Christian hate and bigotry in their windows.

•  To keep yourself more informed about future details of these  proposed clinics, please sign up for email alerts at, to receive local pro-life updates, information on public prayer vigils, news concerning the two possible Rockford abortion clinics, and to learn about ways you can help build a culture of life in the Rockford area.

•  There are free pro-life yard signs available to parishioners that read: “Abortion: Bad for Rockford.”  Please contact the parish office at 815-547-6397 if you would like to have one of these signs.  

Let us all come together to help make  the Rockford area Pro-Life.  

Thank You.

Published by St. James, Belvidere

Saint James Catholic Church, Belvidere, IL