Deacon Steven Johnson’s Reflection 1-27-22

Deacon Steven Johnson’s Reflection – January 27, 2022
3rd Week Ordinary Time, Thursday, Year C
Readings: 2 Sm 7:18-19, 24-29 Ps 132:1-2, 3-5,11,12,13-14, Gospel Mk 4:21-25
Optional Memorial of St. Angela Merici – Virgin
Theme: Passing on The Inheritance

When a family member passes from this life, they usually leave us with something to carry on or to hold that is meaningful. Many times, these are cherished heirlooms, wealth or property such as a family cabin on a lake. They can also be things like their charisms, behavior, or physical looks and habits. But sometimes what they pass on is their passion for life, their gift of love for others or their unbreakable faith in God. It is these things that we reflect on and cherish the most. When we look into a mirror, we can see those of our family who have gone before us and recognize, sometimes shockingly, that we are them and it gives us joy.

This passing on of our lineage is a gift from God, it is the “house” He established for us, one that carries on through time. This connection to our ancestors and the gifts they have given us, along with the good they have done, should not be hidden away. These gifts are meant to be a shining lamp to light the way for others.

King David knew the gift of the house that God was preparing for him. Through his lineage, King David’s heirs would carry on the gift that God bestowed on him. From this gift will come the greatest King of all, Jesus Christ. Can you imagine God telling you that from your lineage will come the Son of God whose rule will be forever and who will save humanity from death and damnation? Kind David knew this and thanked God for that prophecy.

In today’s Gospel, Christ speaks of His light, in other words, His doctrine and how it cannot be hidden away or covered. It must be in the open, lighting up the most deep and dark recesses of humanity so that all have a chance to know the truth. Not all will come to the light, and for those, we must pray to God for mercy. Little did the apostles know that Christ’s lineage, the house of King David, will be passed on to them. They will be the heirs of all that Christ will have done on earth, and it will be their responsibility to make that light shine before all.

Through the touch of Jesus’s precious and holy hands, He passed on all that is good to His apostles. But He warns them, just like King David, that they have a great responsibility in carrying this lineage forward. If they faulter, God will correct them by measuring out to them what they measured out to others. But even though God is stern with them, He promised never to withdraw His favor from them.

We, too, must know that Christ’s lineage extends to us, and that God’s favor is with us always. Through Christ’s hands, the unbroken lineage is passed on to the Apostles and thus to the popes, bishops, priests, deacons and all who believe to this day. Even though from time to time we faulter, and God corrects us, if we have faith and understand why God corrects us, we know He does it out of love, just as a father does for his children.

We are forever connected to our ancestors and what they have passed on to us. We must carry that light before us, lighting the way and being a beacon to others always. Take consolation that your lineage here on earth ultimately comes from Jesus within the house of David. With this knowledge we have the confidence to know we were made for good, and through this good, we pass Christ on to our brothers and sisters.

Fill your cup with love to overflowing, pack it and shake it down. This will be the measure with which you will be measured. How great that measure will be in the sight of God who Himself is the very essence of love. Who then can go wrong with the lineage of Love?

Published by St. James, Belvidere

Saint James Catholic Church, Belvidere, IL