Deacon Jim Olson’s Homily-5-3-21

A Statement of LOVE

Sing to the Lord a new song; His praise is in the assembly of the saints. We are urged to sing a new song to the Lord, as new children who have learned a new song. 

A song is a thing of joy; more profoundly, it is a thing of love.

Anyone, therefore, who has learned to love the new life has learned to sing a new song, and the new song reminds us of our new life. The new child, the new song, the new covenant, all belong to the one kingdom of God, and so the new child will sing a new song and will belong to the new covenant. The new song is the love of God, and the love of our neighbor. What are my qualifications or credentials for loving those around me? First of all, when I was born on Valentine’s Day, all the women in my life wanted to name me, “Valentine.”

My father said his name will be James, as his middle name was James.

Now James is Greek, but it is Jacob in Hebrew, and it means, “Under the protection of God,” so I claim that. The name Olson, I was told, if it is spelled with one “O” it is Norwegian, and if it is spelled with two “O’s” it is Swedish. 

In my family research I found a coat of Arms of Norway for the Olson spelled with two “O’s” in it. It also had five red hearts on it, so I claimed it as my own. My Dad’s first name was Harold, yet everyone called him Ole, so Ole-Son means son of Olaf and there are many variations. In the Scandinavian’s languages, Olaf just means, “ancestors.” In my ancestors there were many Ole’s, Ole I, Ole II, Ole III. And they were all back in Norway. Saint Augustine says,” The Lord loves each of us as if there were only one of us to love.” God’s love for each of us is as real and tangible as the love of a mother for her child and the love of a lover who gives all for his beloved. God made us in love for love – to know him personally and to grow in the knowledge of His great love for us and to love Him in return. 

Thank You all for your love and kindness on my 25th anniversary of being your Deacon. We must continue to sing the song of love. Lord help us to warm hearts and enrich lives as we share your love and do your will.

Published by St. James, Belvidere

Saint James Catholic Church, Belvidere, IL